Sunday, November 15, 2009

Word Art Freebie

I know I am a bad blogger! I keep up with Facebook though :) Kirsten is doing excellent at her new school. X-Mas shopping is underway. I'm keeping all receipts in case I find a better deal. I am anxiously awaiting Black Friday sales too. is a great site to check out ads early.

I have a cute freebie to share

Here's the awesome collab, Circus Boogie that I used from Danielle Corbitt and Wimpy Chompers Creations. Hope you like it!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Freebie

It's been a decent week. We had a great game night with 2 other couples tonight from our babysitting co-op. The kids got along well and had a blast too. Tomorrow I am headed to a bi-annual consignment sale's half price sale. Hopefully I will find some good deals. While cleaning up today I pulled out my stock pile of Kirsten's 4T winter clothes and am now glad I didn't buy many at all at the opening day sale as she has plenty of 4T stuff. I tend to stock pile larger sizes when I find awesome sales. Looks like I will be shopping for mostly 5T tomorrow.

I made a QP with Danielle's new Ooky Spooky Kit.

Download Freebie

Here's another page I made with the same kit:


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Double Freebie Friday...ok Saturday

It was a pretty good week for us. Having gymnastics and ballet on the same day is working out well. We have 55 mins in between to get Kirsten dinner. This week she missed ballet because she was too busy playing at Chic-fil-a and didn't stop to go pee.

I also got Kirsten's birthday invites out to everyone with an e-mail or that is on Facebook. I need to print out a few for those old timers that haven't moved to the technology century yet. I made the invit myself and I am proud of how the invite turned out.

This week I have two freebies for you. The 1st one is using Start Your Engines by Danielle Corbitt.

You second freebie is using Boo-ville by Brandy Designs.

Click photos to download. Hope you enjoy them!

Here's a few of my recent pages. Oh yea I am on Wimpy Cholper CT now too :)

Click layout for full credits.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday Freebie Frame

So I have a house full (ok only 1 child and 1 hubby) with crud. Kirsten started with a low grade fever. She was cleared by the Dr for now as they think it is a virus. The fever went away after a few day and now she is just a cranky little girl. Jake has a sinus infection and is on antibiotics. It's day 8 of 10 days and he started with a fever today. I hope they get over whatever it is and soon!

Wow Halloween is right around the corner! My baby turns 4 on Halloween this year. I dug up an old Halloween kit by Danielle to make a freebie this week.

If you want to use the freebie for points toward a gift certificate check out the Starlet blog for details.

Here's your Friday Freebie:


Have an awesome weekend!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Disney Trip & Friday Freebie Frame

Hope everyone had an awesome week. It was another long short week for me. I was on vacation last wk then came back to work for a day and then had Federal Jury Duty. I'm alternate #3 and have to serve for a yr once they get to me which the judge said they do throughout the yr. If you don't know what fedral Jury duty is you should google it. I didn't have a clue until I got the summons that there was a such thing. You have to serve 1 day a month for an entire yr and they randomly picked the names from a raffle after the few were excused for various reasons.

We had a blast at Disney, outlet shopping, Medieval Times (Kirsten too), and just hanging out. I have posted all the pics but you can find some of them on my Facebook page (link on right of blog). We ended up see almost ever character you could imagine and even saw the princesses and Ariel twice per Kirsten's request. Here's a few of my faves:

Here's your Friday Freebie:


If you download the freebie, use it in a LO and post a link in the comment section I will award you 30 points! If your not sure what the points thing is all about check out the forum.

The basics are for every 500 star points you have you will receive a $5 GC to Danielle Corbitt's Store.

I used pieces from Recycled Art, Add a Little Paint and Rhinestone Cowgirl.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Life and Friday Freebie

What a week! For those that don't know I work from home as a telephonic nurse. Which means on Tuesday when my company rolled about a new phone system which we now know has quite a few kinks in it, it totally effected my ability to function! I have had to use way to many brain cells this week and have not been my normally low stress self. I am thankful that I work for an awesome company that is very support of any and all technological problems we encounter. Not to mention my co-workers and our online company chat rooms are the bomb with working through issues.

I am going to be a lot more ready for my vacation that I realized after next week since we will probably still be working out kinks then too.

Add to that the fact that my almost 4yr and totally toilet trained child suddenly decided there are more important things in life than taking the time to get to the potty. I taken away just about everything important beside allowing her to play with basic toys. Daddy threatened to put her in a diaper tonight. He found a very old one with side straps and all. I busted out laughing because for 1 I doubt it will fit. My child went to pull ups at 18 months because most diapers were getting too small for her. I am hoping this is yet another phase that she will go through very quickly!!!!

I'm so glad ya'll like the freebie frame from last week. I thought it was quite cute myself too. This week I created a 12 in layered border. This is the 1st time I've ever created one and I like the way it turned out.

If you download the freebie, use it in a LO and post a link in the comment section I will aware you a 30 points! If your not sure what the points thing is all about check out the forum HERE

The basics are for every 500 star points you have you will receive a $5 GC to Danielle Corbitt's Store.

Here's your Friday Freebie:

Silly little girl not included!


I used Loop de Loop by Danielle Corbitt

Happy Friday!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cluster Frame Freebie

I'm on countdown for our Disney trip. We have 15 days left. We leave for the resort on 8/30. We will be spending 3 days at Disney, lots of time by the 7 resort pools, and checking out some other places too I'm sure. We are staying at the Sheraton Vistana.

On to some scrap news...

I am going to be creating Friday Freebies for my CT blog and will be sharing there here with you too. If you are interested in using the freebies and collecting points towards a gift certificate to Danielle Corbitt's store, check out the forum HERE for the details.

The basics are for every 500 star points you have you will receive a $5 GC to Danielle Corbitt's Store.

Here's your Friday Freebie:

I'm not including my cute little giraffe photo.

I used the following kit:


Have a awesome weekend!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Weekend and Future Plans

I throw my blog to the wade side esp since lot of my buds are Facebookers now. Now sure how many of our families/friends actually read the blog anyways and whether I am wasting my time. So if you read this and would like for me to post more family info on the blog them make sure to leave me a comment and let me know. I post lots on FB :)

We had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday we had a lazy day around it house. Saturday evening we went to a game night with three other families from the Tallahassee Babysitting Co-op I started 10/07 with a few other moms. We are still going strong and the co-op will turn 2 this October. On Sunday we woke up late yet again this weekend and missed church. I heard it was a good sermon too. Good thing our church puts the sermons online so I will still be able to see it. Kirsten of course asked her at least daily question of "where we going today". We had no plans yet so I asked her where she wanted to go and she said "to get some breakfast" So we headed for breakfast at Shoneys. After that it was home for a little newspaper reading and then I headed out to meet my Tally Mom Friends at Olive Garden for lunch. I ended up ordering dessert only because I was stuffed from breakfast still.

I'm on count down mode for our Disney trip. We haven't told Kirsten yet as she would ask us about it daily for the next month. I did ask her if she could go anywhere on vacation where would she go and her response was to "Wild Adventures". We haven't been in a few months so we have promised her a trip next weekend. I mentioned the places we had been on vacation including Disney and of course after that she said she wanted to go back.

I'm thrilled that another family with a kid the same age as Kirsten will be going on vacation with us so she will get to enjoy it with a friend. We are staying at the Shelton Vistana with 7 pools too!

I hope August flies by!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

FREEBIE ALERT: 36 matching QPs

Choo-Choo! Welcome to the next station on the Lemmon City Productions train. Our awesome team has make enough QPs for you to make an awesome summer book without all the stress of making it. Here's my portion:


**remember we all live in different time zones so if some aren't up yet be sure to check back.**

In case you missed any, or need to back track here's a list of all the links! You aren't going to want to miss any of them.














Amanda **YOU ARE HERE**





Here's what you will have at the end:

Happy Scrapping!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I blogged :)

I know bad bad blogger. But hey I did name my blog Live, Love, laugh and Scrap and I have been doing a lot of those 4 things!

I am on Facebook now too so if you are there and wanted recent photos and such be sure to add me. If only blogging was as simple and Facebooking. Here's my homepage:

I can't believe in a few short months my baby girl will be 4. She is growing up so fast. We are still battling her with listening although she is doing better now that school is doing a green, yellow, red, and brown (I think they develop this one just for my child) system. And yes she did spend at least one afternoon that I am aware of on brown! I got a reward chart for home too.

I did have to alter it a little and make a few more specific tags to fit her day better but she loves it and it seems to be curbing her behavior.

We had a great 4th of July. We had a cookout at a friend's and then went to a fireworks show a few blocks from the house.

My job is still going well. Great pay, great benefits and I can wear my gym clothes (or nightgown) to work so there isn't much more I could ask for.

Friday, May 22, 2009

LOs and My Baby's Ballet Recital

This weekend is Kirsten very 1st ballet Recital. Even at 3 she is super excited. We had rehearsal last night and she did excellant. She wasn't even looking at the teacher so apparently she memorized what steps went with what part of the song. She acted like she was at home on the stage and Daddy said he has given up on trying to get her into soccer (he was hoping to pull her from ballet and switch to soccer). Here's a pic of her in her costume:

We did a video but I have to get Jake to cut it so I can upload it. I'll just wait until the real show!

I haven't gotten to scrap as much as usually lately. We have been through AC issues 9go them worked out and luckily didn't break the bank), spring cleaning, and getting ready for her recital. here's a few I squeezed out:

Collab by Brittish Designs and Suzi Q Scraps

Kit is Sunshine Day Collab by Christie Lemmon and Steel City Scraps. Template from CT Inspired: Hillary by Christie Lemmon. Alpha by Amber Gray Designs.

I used a freebie called Project 365 by Brandy Designs.

For the 2 above I used Fun in the Sunshine by Danielle Corbitt. template is by her too!


Thursday, May 07, 2009

8 Freebie Templates

Just found out my favorite digital scrap site is closing. I was so bummed. If you haven't heard it is Digital Candy. Anyways on a happier note I am doing the Friday Freebie this week and I decided I'm going out with a bang. My Friday Freebie is not one but 8 templates!

Here's a LO I did with one of them:

Here's the kit I used:
Hope you enjoy them! Happy Scrapping and have an AWESOME weekend!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Update on us and some Scrapbook pages

Life is keeping me busy! We are in "ballet recital mode". Kirsten has her first recital 5/23. She has been doing really well listening at ballet (although not so well at home) the last few weeks so the recital is looking promising. I signed up to be stage mom. Not sure what all that entails, but no one else signed up. Per Jake I will be gathering the girls before they hit the stage, sitting in the front and gathering them as they leave the stage. Sounds like lots of fun esp if they all have as much energy as Kirsten.

Jake and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on Sunday. We went to Applebee's for a family lunch and had dessert. Kirsten was nice and was very well behaved there so I assume that was her gift to us.

I'm still doing digital scrapbooking like crazy and working at home for McKesson. Feeling like I need a vacation soon. We still need to schedule our next timeshare locations. We are thinking about a cruise for one of them and are looking into a Disney cruise.

I've gotten involve with a new playgroup so Kirsten is making new friends as am I. She just had her school pictures today and I'll be anxiously awaiting the results. She has always had bangs and we are letting her bangs grown out now since she wanted to. So I put her in pig tails and pinned her long bangs to the side.

Here's some recent pages. the 1st one was taken a few wks ago so you can see how long we are now able to pull her bangs back, thought they are barely long enough so they wonder out of the clip.

Check out my Digital Candy online gallery for more recent pages or to get the designer info for the ones I posted..