Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Digital Candy Site is down...Back u now...Downloader antsy still

Just a little heads up. The Digital Candy website is currently down. It will be back ASAP so bookmark and come back later to download the QPs, they will be available until 3/28!

EDITED: This is now a download link for 4Shared below for you to grab the QPs. Sorry Folks...technology has a mind of it's own sometimes!

For my family that is getting this off the wall message in their e-mail. Kiss Kiss...love you bunches!

My Kind of Rocket- Digital Candy's Blog hop

Digital Candy's Design team has done it again! They have created a kit that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! The Rocket left launch Pad Digital Candy at "T-minus midnight" and has now reached my docking station. You just joined me from Docking Station Melissa at Fairytales Studio Scraps. To make sure you have completed the full mission you can head on over to Ground Control - Digital Candy - to find a complete list of all of the Docking Stations.After completing your mission you will have a complete space themed kit and matching quick page album which is great for any space enthusiast. Here's a peek at the entire kit:

Here's my portion to the kit:

**Sorry Link has EXPIRED**

If you missed the kit and would still like to have it, you can pick up the full kit over at our Digital Candy Shoppe

Interested in more fun & super SWEET treats? Head on over to Digital Candy and check out all of the out of this world challenges, freebies & of course the designers in the Shoppe!

Oh and here's what I did with my QPs:

This is my hubby. It's he a cutie too :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updates and Blog Hop Sneak Peek

Wow it's been almost a month since I posted! So much has happened in that month too. Kirsten is at a brand new school. It is led that a mile from her old school. We are loving her new school. The owner is a retired nurse. She is all about providing health snacks and great learning opportunities for the kiddies. Just since the 1st of March Kirsten has had 3 homework assignments, planted cabbage in a little garden, made a pine cone birdhouse, went on nature walks and probably so much more that they haven't shared with us. They have a main topic for each month that they focus on and this month it is Nature. Kirsten had no problems adjusting and loves her new school.

Jake just got back from his 1 wk trip to Chicago for a work conference. I played single mom for the week while still working too. I had to take leave for my evening hours but otherwise I worked full time. It was a little rough at time esp since I was battling sinusitis this week too.

For my fellow scrappers, you will want to check in again on 3/17 as I will have some QPs freebies in my site as well as link you to Digital Candy's Blog hop. The kit you will be getting is huge and awesome! Here's a sneak peak:

And some new layouts:

I love this one. In case you can't read the journaling it basically saids that Kirsten told me out of the blue that "Your're my Angel".