Wednesday, April 30, 2008

LO with Template 4

Here's a layout I made with template #4:

Jounaling: The Easter Buny left you a bunny nest at Meme's house too.
Kit is Sunshine Sweets Easter Collab Freebie Kit by lliella Designs

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Template # 4

If you are wondering what happen to templates 2 & 3, they were donated to be a part of an Autism Charity Kit and you can find out how to get them below along with a HUGE MEGA KIT.

Here's #4 and it's my 1st two-pager:

Download Here

Info on getting the Mega Kit and templates #2 and #3:

With a little effort from YOU, we can help the kids and families affected by this every year. We can better understand Autism. Donate anything, no matter how big or small, and you will get this amazing GIGANTIC MEGA Kit FREE! Over 15 incredible designers have made 'mini' kits to create this HUGE Kit! 1 in 150 kids, that number is staggering, if you don't know someone with Autism yet, statistically you will, lets do what we can to help now.

Donate to AutismSpeaks.Org
send the reciept to
with Autism Charity Kit in the subject field, and you will be sent the download links and password!

I think you have to donate $5 to get the extra bonuses (which include my temps).

Friday, April 25, 2008

Life's all good. We are on countdown now for when Kirsten will start her new daycare. We actually have over a month left since she doesn't start until 6/1. It's scary and exciting at the same time. I know she will adjust well and she will make new friend very quickly. It is just so sad now the way she talks about all her friend and her teachers and it's hard to imagine that in a month she will probably never see any of them again. She adores her teacher Ms. Porche and I think she has been there since Kirsten began or pretty close to it. She asks for her all the time. I hope she is the same way with her new teacher.

Kirsten did excellent yesterday going to the potty when we were at home. She even went once and had a dry diaper. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she keeps up the good work.

It exactly a week we are headed to Disneyland. I know Kirsten is going to have a blast. She is finally tolerating people in costumes so that is good. I'm excited to see Disney too because the two times I have been it was for night time celebrations. We will be in Orlando for a week and haven't really made any plans and are just gonna wing it while we are there.

I haven't scrapped too much lately, but I have downloaded lots :) I do have some cute pics that we took at the Reba McEntire concert we went to last week so I will try to put a few up this weekend sometime. Kirsten had a blast at the concert and loved dancing. She also loved the water park! It was nice taking a little weekend get away on the spurn of the moment and we went with a friend and her tween daughter and her friend.

This weekend we are headed back to our roots...LOL we are going to the Four Freedoms Festival in Madison, FL were Jake and I were raised. We went last year and it was neat to compared the parade that we thought was a big deal when we lived there to the parade they have in Tallahassee.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Freebie Scrapbook Template #1 & Vacation Pictures

This is my very own template. I cannot find the 1st LO I made with this template is was really cute too. Hopefully it will turn up soon or I suppose I will have to redo it. You can click the image to download it. Leave me a good comment and maybe I'll get inspired and make some more :)

Here's my redo LO. It's a little different. The Kit is by Xandra's Area It is a freebie for a creative team call.

We decided on a new daycare for Kirsten. She will start 6/1 and her current daycare closes 5/31. According to the letter that we were given the church needs the daycare area for "mission work". There are rumors going around though and it is thought to be all about profits. Turns out they almost closed last year due to profits.

My big girl has learn her full name (including both middle names). She is such a smart little girl. I only had to tell her a few times before she had it down.

We have lots a pictures from our Vermont vacation. I did realize though that the one and only family shot has terrible lighting so I had to change that one to black and white to save it. Here's a few:

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Changes to my Blog

I'm changing the title as well as the original focus of my blog. I pretty much took it over with digital scrapbooking layouts so I figured it was time to change it up some. I still plan to jot down family things and hopefully blog a lot more with scrapbooking and such.

I have lots of family news but will have to get to the details and pictures later because it is WAY past my bedtime. Here's some quick news.

*We survived our plan ride and vacation to Vermont and saw LOTS of snow
*Kirsten will start yet another new daycare 6/1/08 due to her currently daycare is closing!

Details Later :)