Tuesday, February 17, 2009

3 yr old for borrow and some new Layout

Can someone please take my 3 yr old and teach her to listen then given her back? Kirsten's school has requested that we have Kirsten "tested". When I called and asked why the daycare owner informed me that Kirsten is not listening and yells and acts disruptively when placed in the time out chair. She has been having issues listening at home but nothing that I would call extreme. Of course after that info came home from school that same evening I noticed a change in her attitude and she started exhibited what they were seeing at school. I usually send her to her room and tell her she must sit on her bed, calm down and stop fussing or crying before she comes out. She usually takes anywhere from a few seconds to a minute to do that and then she's brand new again. School is concerned whether or not these are behaviors she can control or not. She also started stuttering a times about a month ago. Her main problem with the stuttering is "I" so she started saying "Kirsten" instead. This weekend she was trying to start a sentence with When and after ten attempts and only getting as far was "Wh..". She very frustratingly said, "I can't say what I need to say, I can't do anything". My heart just broke when I heard that. She is an extremely smart girl and excels at learning new things. Her daycare has even confirmed they don't think her issues have anything to do with her intelligence and ability to learn. So I put a call in to the Leon County School Board on Thursday and I'm still awaiting a call back to get her tested to see if we are missing something or if she may do better in a different type of school. I really wonder whether part of her behavior is her getting bored with things at school since she picks up things really fast. That of course doesn't explain the stuttering. The behavior thing is so weird because it seems like at home she changed over night. Daycare did mention they are having to separate her from the other children during some strutured times like coming in and handwashing because otherwise she runs around the room and is very disruptive which doesn't allow the teachers to get things done. I really just want to know what is going on and how we can help her get back to being nice Kirsten.

Here's a few recent layouts:

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Creative Team Calls

If you are a scrapbooker come join me on two of my favoriate creative teams. My two fave desingers are having calls. I'm am having a blast designing layouts for both of these awesome team. Come join me and play with some awesome kits for FREE!


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pic and LO of Kirsten from Today

I did a Speed Scrap today with Christie Lemmons @ EnchantedStudioscraps.com. I took this pic today :)

Journaling: You love to help with chores. We have yetto assign you your very own chores though that will be coming soon. Today you were helping Mommy and Daddy fold up clothes. You did an excellent job laying your panties out. I gave you your panties and socks andsaid “go throw them in you drawer. You marched off only to come back in a few moments to ask ”I can throw them”? Ihad gotten onto you only moments earlier for throwing socks around. So I told you yes you could toss them in the drawer. So off you went again. A few moments went by and then you call us to come see what a good job you did and this is what we found. You told us “I put them in a circle”.And let usknow you needed more in order to finish yourcircle. You love to keep things interesting.