Thursday, January 24, 2008

Haircuts, Scrapbook Pages & Such

So I am catching up on my scrapping and falling behind on uploading new pics of Kirsten. Here's a few:

Last week Kirsten got her first all over hair cut. Aunt Nancy has trimmed her bangs a few times but she has a real little girl haircut now and all the thin baby strands are gone. She has a cute little bob cut.


She is sitting in the salon chair and yes that is a tear in her eye. She only shed one. She did very well sitting still and we were rewarding her with sweet tarts :)


We have planned two vacations to use up our timeshare weeks before they expire. We are going to Smugglers Notch Resort from 3/29/08-4/6/08. I am excited about this one because they have a day care facility so you can drop your child off and go learn to ski. We plan on taking advantage of that for at least one day. Then the first week of May we are taking Kirsten to Disney World and we are staying at an Orlando resort. By the time we get back from those I will have depleted my annual leave stash at work but we are over due for some family fun.
We are still working on potty training. She was doing really well peeing each time we took her to the potty but the last week she hit a rebellion streak and tells us "I don't like it" which is a new fave pharse for her. I taught it to her to get her to stap saving "NO", Good Job Mommy.
She also has a cough now to the point it has made her hoarse. So we are going to lay off a little and we will see what happens. I have put her in regular panties a few times and the first two times she peed on the floor. Which I expected because she needed to test them out. The third time was only for about 30 mins before bedtime and she only tinkled in them a little.

Here are my recent pages:

Kit is Inner Child by Grumble Scraps

1st Ice Cream cone
Icecream design is by Sugar Snap Scraps

Sketch is from Shanna @

Quick Page from 2 Peas with some extras added

Kit Fabulous by Sueli Colbert

Saturday, January 12, 2008

We decided to spend some family time at home on the 1st. I have some recent pics on my camera but have yet to upload them, so I'll post them later.

Here's some of my latest digital scrapbook pages: