Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kirsten started swim lessons on Monday. So far we are not impressed with the instructor. Her only instructions on the first day was to get the kids use to the pull and to go under water. She offer no examples or other instructions. On Tuesday the instructions we to blow bubbles in the water, again with no other instructions. At 6 pm she did tell us we were done. The lessons are from 5:30-6 and she will be going 4x wk for 2 wks. I hope they get better but I have a feeling that is all the instructing she plans to do. We signed up through the county, so I will be calling her supervisor.

My birthday was great. I got $100 worth of scrapbook items, a 5x7 digital picture frame, a steak dinner and brownie sundae for dessert. Jake also gave me some Kirsten-free time to do some scrapbooking.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

We didn't do a lot this weekend. Kirsten and I did some scrapbook shopping while Daddy mowed the lawn. We found a few good deals. We got home right before a big storm hit. The lighting was terrible.

We are working on a displine plan. We have always used the "thinking chair", which is basically "time out". We usually make her sit in a chair faced towards the corner for 1 minute. Up until recently the only reasons we sent her there was for biting or hitting. Last week when I sent her there she decided instead of sitting in her chair to pick it up and parade around the room holding her chair above her head. After that incident we tried lightly popping her hand. That of course as I expected lead to a 5 times popping match, but I eventually won and she gave up. I went and got a few books on discipline from the library and I read about time out. It turns out we were doing everything pretty much correctly and we just need to keep putting her back each time she goes to leave and hold her there for her minute if needed.

So while I sort thru the books we are going to use the thinking chair and/or hand popping as we think the crime fits. Wish us LUCK! I did find out from reading today she is the SPIRITED toddler. Which by the definition in the book is the most active, like I didn't know that already.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Kirsten said, "please, please" this morning for me to help her down off Mommy and Daddy's bed after her morning snuggle. She is getting so good at using her "Pleases" and "Thank Yous". We took her to the movie theather for the very first time. She made it through an hour of Shrek the Third at our $1.25 Movies. She loved the popcorn, but stayed in Daddy's lap the entire time we were there. She got antsy about an hour into it so we headed out.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kirsten has done so well adjusting to her new school. We were so excited to find a place that she will receive a more structure environment, care, and education as well as better communication with the staff about what she is doing each day. At the end of the first week she came home with her very first homework assignment: Work on the letter A, the number 1, the color red, and the shape of a circle. I am proud to announce that she has mastered all of these.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Kirsten came home this morning from daycare with an Ear infection. Per her doctor it is only mild but she will be on antibiotics for 5 days. Here school called to tell us she was having symptoms of an ear infection. Have I mentioned that I LOVE that they communicate so well with the parents.

Monday, August 06, 2007

We took Grandma to Applebee's for her birthday. Kirsten was very antsy but we managed. Mommy forgot to take a picture :( But here is one of her and Grandma playing in the pool from 8/2

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Kirsten First Day at Heritage Prepartory Academy

She was so darn cute leaving home with new Little Einsteins backpack!

Waiting on Daddy because he missed the new exit that we get off of the interstate at to drop her off.

Let's go meet out new teacher!
She did excellent and was off adn running as soon as the got in the door, Mommy has to beg her to slow down long enough to get a kiss.