Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our 2010 in a flash

WOW what a year I've had! A friend started a blog and talked about how she was unsure how to make it look pretty. I sent her the site I used to learn how to make my blog the way I wanted it years ago when I first started blogging. Then I sent her the link to my old neglect blog. It has been almost a year since I blogged and what a year 2010 was. I'm hoping 2011 is going to be a little calmer!

Wondering what I did in 2010? Here a recap of some of it:
January- Corneal ulcer and had to wear my 10 yr old glasses for weeks
February 12th- Found out I was finally pregnant!
March 1st OB appt and US
Mid March-Got a hell of a sinus infection that led to way too many forced Paid Time Off work days off since working telephonically and laryngitis doesn't cut it
April-had garage converted into a home office to make room for baby
May 14-21-Disney trip, returned home on May 21 and headed to ballet recital rehearsal
May 22-Kirsten's ballet recital
May 30-Miley and Hannah, Kirsten's pet fish, died
May 31-Labor day-my car was totaled while we were rear ended on our way to St. George Island Beach for a family fun day. First ambulance ride back to Tallahassee and to the hospital to have baby checked.
June 1-We are having a boy!!
June 2-crib we used for Kirsten and kept for baby #2 was recalled so now the search is on for a new one
June (2nd wk) we got a settlement for my car and made a down payment on a Toyota Sienna Van
July- Kirsten regressed to wetting her pants and 4 yrs old!!!
Another MAJOR FAMILY EVENT that will negatively changed our lives as well as our children's lives forever.
August- Kirsten got what we are pretty sure was Salmonella and had fever and stomach ache issues for 10 days and wasn't able to go to school
August (late) Kirsten started pre-K (VPK) and I turned 31 years old!
September 1- Routine check showed I was 3 cm dilated already at not quite 33 weeks. I was placed on strict bedrest
September 4-Went into triage due to more contractions and was admitted as I was 6 cm and only 33 weeks
September 10- Dr. checked me and I was 6-7 cm
September 11- woke up with mild back pain that Tylenol didn't help. Nurse checked me and I was 7-8 cm. Kirsten had just completed her big sister class that morning. I became a mother of 2 at 510pm and my little man was taken to NICU.
September 13- We came home as a family of 4
Late October-Notified my job contract would end November 1st as the company didn't renew their contract with the state of FL Medicaid. I was due to return to work late November. Blessed with a great severance package.
October 31 Kirsten turned 5
November 19th-Only 2 most postpartum and had my 3rd interview. Days later accepted a position with a local hospital as a case manager.
December 13-My 1st day of work after 3 and a half months of maternity leave

Like I said we had a hell of a year. We are strong and weathered it well. Amazingly I manage to stay pretty low stress through it all too. I just took an "it is what it is" attitude and knew in my heart as bad as I felt things were that somewhere in the world there is someone that was dealing with something so much harder. I try everyday to look at the positives instead of the negatives. Looking at the glass half full instead of half empty makes everyday (including the tough one) a little less tough.

Will I keep this blog up? Who knows? Working full time, being a mommy to 2, exclusively breast feeding, being a wife, keeping at least a walking path, clean clothes and dishes in my house, snuggling with my babies and spending family fun time as well as carving out a few spare moment of relax and me time are time consuming. I am however on Facebook so look me up!