Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Fair..The Wiggles and such

Two weeks into my new job and it is still going pretty well. Ran into a few issues but I was still getting paid since this time it was an issue on their end. Kirsten is doing well. We took her to te fair last weekend and she was able to ride all the kids rides and loved them. I haven't upload the pics yet but they are sure to be darling. We are counting down the day until The Wiggle in concert which is this Friday (11/21). She is getting really excited and started asking , "Mom are they going to sing Hot Potato..." and ask it over and over with new songs. We got 5th row seats too.

I had some issues with my external hard drive and had to get a computer guru to retreive my things off of it as it was getting ready to crash. He got most of my pics (tho our Vermont vacation pics were not saved). They are still on there they just won't let me get them too. I am really hoping sooner or later it will be nice and let me grab them before acting up. Anyways, here's a few of my recent pages:

This double LO is from a challenge where I had to scrap a pic with an imperfection. I take tons of pics so it wasn't hard to find lots with little imperfections.