Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm loving digital scrapbooking and feel like I'm finally getting caught up scrapping. I've even done some personal pages (those without Kirsten). Kirsten is growing into a very beautiful and very smart little girl. She is using complete sentences and others can understand most of what she saids now. Here new favorite term is "Whatcha doing?". She had had a virus for a month and we just started antibiotics and she is taking a steriod now too which is the first time she has had to take that. Her asthma specialist was pretty pleased that this is her only long lasting illness since her last check-up. I have had some Dr. appt lately too. Finally decided to get all my little issues checked into. I was cleared by the cardiologist (have a murmur and mild scolosis that are ok), went in for eczema and the dermatologist tested my darkest mole and determined it has a moderate risk for turning into a melonoma in my lifetime (will be having my very 1st in the office "surgery"), pulmonologist thinks my shortness of breath is from "breath stacking" and I have to be more cautious and take deeper breaths to prevent it from occurring. I still have to do a few other lung test to make sure everything is ok.

Anyways thing are going well with us and we are enjoying the everyday moments with Kirsten, she keeps us laughing with something she does each and everyday. She has been going to the potty well and is now letting us know when she need to go. She went away from home on a McDonald's potty last week for the very 1st time. I have her a little seat to sit on and keep it in a big ziploc in her backpack that we take everywhere. She started going really well about 2 wks ago once she told me to "go away" and I stepped around the corner. She now wants us to step around the corner almost ever time. She like her privacy. She is peeing within a few secs tho most of the time.

Here's some pics of her from last weekend:

Here's lots of new pages:

This one is a picture from 2003

This one is from 6/07