Friday, February 19, 2010

365: Febuary 6-19

Second guess whether we were truly meant to be dog owners.

I forgot to take the photo but Balyee chewed into one of these today and ate about 1/4 of it.

When you are the photographer of the family there tend to be less photos of you. I have a handy dandy remote but forgot to use it often enough.

I wore my BeBand maternity band for the first time today. It is very comfy.

Having a morning banana conversation. I love my silly girl.

V-day goodies.
Our original plan was to go out for breakfast. We went to Shoney's, IHOP,  and Waffle House and the lines were basically out the door at each. We ended up settling on Chic-fil-a. By the time we got there is was 10:30 am and breakfast were over, so we settled on lunch and ice cream.
Yep it's real. We are pregnant. I took a Dollar Tree test but send Jake to get a real test to verify. We are thrilled!

V-day bag made for Kirsten's class.

Bedtime cutie

B is for BAD as in my bad little 4 yr old drew in pen on my couch.

Little cutie. This is not you normal smile but it's still cute as can be.

A girl and her pup.

Jake & Summer at Alexis's party. Can't believe Jake actually shared his cake with her.

Saturday, February 06, 2010