Saturday, September 26, 2009

Double Freebie Friday...ok Saturday

It was a pretty good week for us. Having gymnastics and ballet on the same day is working out well. We have 55 mins in between to get Kirsten dinner. This week she missed ballet because she was too busy playing at Chic-fil-a and didn't stop to go pee.

I also got Kirsten's birthday invites out to everyone with an e-mail or that is on Facebook. I need to print out a few for those old timers that haven't moved to the technology century yet. I made the invit myself and I am proud of how the invite turned out.

This week I have two freebies for you. The 1st one is using Start Your Engines by Danielle Corbitt.

You second freebie is using Boo-ville by Brandy Designs.

Click photos to download. Hope you enjoy them!

Here's a few of my recent pages. Oh yea I am on Wimpy Cholper CT now too :)

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday Freebie Frame

So I have a house full (ok only 1 child and 1 hubby) with crud. Kirsten started with a low grade fever. She was cleared by the Dr for now as they think it is a virus. The fever went away after a few day and now she is just a cranky little girl. Jake has a sinus infection and is on antibiotics. It's day 8 of 10 days and he started with a fever today. I hope they get over whatever it is and soon!

Wow Halloween is right around the corner! My baby turns 4 on Halloween this year. I dug up an old Halloween kit by Danielle to make a freebie this week.

If you want to use the freebie for points toward a gift certificate check out the Starlet blog for details.

Here's your Friday Freebie:


Have an awesome weekend!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Disney Trip & Friday Freebie Frame

Hope everyone had an awesome week. It was another long short week for me. I was on vacation last wk then came back to work for a day and then had Federal Jury Duty. I'm alternate #3 and have to serve for a yr once they get to me which the judge said they do throughout the yr. If you don't know what fedral Jury duty is you should google it. I didn't have a clue until I got the summons that there was a such thing. You have to serve 1 day a month for an entire yr and they randomly picked the names from a raffle after the few were excused for various reasons.

We had a blast at Disney, outlet shopping, Medieval Times (Kirsten too), and just hanging out. I have posted all the pics but you can find some of them on my Facebook page (link on right of blog). We ended up see almost ever character you could imagine and even saw the princesses and Ariel twice per Kirsten's request. Here's a few of my faves:

Here's your Friday Freebie:


If you download the freebie, use it in a LO and post a link in the comment section I will award you 30 points! If your not sure what the points thing is all about check out the forum.

The basics are for every 500 star points you have you will receive a $5 GC to Danielle Corbitt's Store.

I used pieces from Recycled Art, Add a Little Paint and Rhinestone Cowgirl.